The Skin of a Drum

Taylor Macklin offered close friend and frequent collaborator Ian Wooldridge to overtake their space in Zurich Schwamendingen during their project for the Istituto Svizzero di Roma, which simultaneously takes place in Rome and in Zurich. For the Zurich-based part of this project, Fade Out: Someone, in the silence, is moving, Ian developed a double projection video installation based on his blog

The Skin of a Drum inhabits the Taylor Macklin space in Zurich with a cold and absent, yet seductive presence. Both projection skins pulsate through a vast quantity of screen recordings that are leftovers taken from male chat rooms containing dead webcam space. In this footage, the vacancy of human presence in the frame heightens the frame’s body itself. The synced rhythms of the 2 projections whip the beat of the edit structure to alert both, the harrowing erotic charge of our mediated everyday and the unknown fictional narrative of empty video space.

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